What's New for 2021-2022?

Meet Our New Program Director: 
Maddie Park! 


Maddie Park will be taking over the position of HeartBEATS Program Director in Phoenix. You can learn more about her musical and leadership experience here. We are so excited to welcome her to this position, and we look forward to the joy she will bring to the Phoenix community! 

Our Mission

HeartBEATS is a youth-led organization dedicated to creating meaningful connections between newly-arrived refugees and their host community through music programs and activities, shared musical instruments, and music lessons. Our hope is that these shared musical experiences will bring joy and healing and help to build bridges of understanding and expand the cultural and arts education for all.


We believe that valuing and honoring the arts and culture of new refugees is an important part of the integration process. Music has the unique ability to form bonds among all kinds of people regardless of age, nationality, or gender and know that it does not require a common language or skill set to be shared and enjoyed.