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Our Impact

Collected over $6,000

in donations of musical instruments to share with refugees

Benefit concert raised $3,690

 to help feed 180 refugee families

Engaged more than 300 refugee children and dozens of volunteers in outreach events

Delivered 74 musical instrument kits

to refugee families across Phoenix

Featured 44 local and refugee musicians in our benefit concert which was viewed by more than 380 households

Shared refugee stories and helped educate more than 200 community members through speaking engagements 

Immeasurable Impact

While the measurable outcomes have been more than we could have imagined, it is the intangible moments when music transcends language and heartfelt connections are formed where we feel we have made the most meaningful impact. In outreach events, volunteers and refugee participants have received rewarding, cross-cultural arts experiences that promote acceptance and strengthen our Phoenix community. Our benefit concert, Music Feeds the Soul, educated viewers about the plight of refugees during COVID-19 and provided an opportunity for local and refugee musicians to forge friendships. Finally, HeartBEATS virtual music lessons have bridged the gap between school-aged refugees and their peers while enabling them to learn a new instrument or continue a lifelong journey with music. It is the individual, life-changing impact on both volunteers and refugee participants that makes the work of HeartBEATS so special. 

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