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Our Partners


The Welcome to America Project(WTAP) and HeartBEATS collaborate to collect new and gently-used instruments to share with refugees families. WTAP volunteers have shared music kits on deliveries to young refugee families and have spread the joy of music alongside HeartBEATS volunteers during music outreach programs. In June 2019, HeartBEATS hosted a virtual benefit concert featuring local and refugee musicians to raised nearly $3700 for WTAP's Share-A-Meal program. 

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The Catholic Charities Services has been welcoming and resettling refugees in Arizona from all parts of the world since 1975. They are a national leader in refugee settlement and their team of staff and volunteers work together to provide a welcoming and supportive network to help refugees who are new to our country quickly gain independence and become productive members of their new community.


Stradivari House of Phoenix

At StradHouse Violin Shop, we love helping musicians tell that story by offering quality string instrument sales, rentals and instrument repair services. Whether you are giving your child the gift of music to last a lifetime, playing for the pure pleasure of it, refining your craft or restoring a beloved family heirloom, our family at StradHouse Violin Shop is here with professional luthier services and excellent customer service. 


Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest(LSS) and HeartBEATS worked together to plan two Children's Days of Music in March 2019. The first day was a wonderful day full of singing, dancing, music activities, music exploration, and musical instrument crafts. More recently, in June 2022, HeartBEATS planned and facilitated four music sessions for LSS's Summer Day Camp.





World Refugee Day Arizona

The United Nations has designated June 20 as World Refugee Day, a day to commemorate the strength, courage, resilience, and contributions of refugees throughout the world. HeartBEATS participated in the June 2022 World Refugee Day Arizona at Phoenix College with live music performances and interactive music activities for children.

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Peace Through Music International

Helping children and young people in conflict zones build leadership, peacemaking skills, and resilience to extremism through grassroots music education. 


The International Rescue Committee of Arizona(IRC) has been an essential organization helping to pair us with refugee students who hoped to learn a new instrument or continue lessons on an instrument that they had. Together, we've been able to share guitars, pianos, keyboards, and more with refugees of all ages in need of musical instruments!  

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Ethno Harmony

Ethno Harmony's mission is to educate & inspire youth about cultural competence using world musicto spark knowledge and ignite ETHNIC HARMONY. 

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