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Music Lesson Resources





With the return to more normal activities, we have shifted back to focusing on in-person events and instrument collection and donation. We have put together a list of online resources for music lessons as well as local organizations that provide in-person music lessons for children and adults.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Riley or Maddie at if you have any questions!

In-Person Music Lessons


For students who prefer in-person lessons, Rosie's House is a wonderful music program that provides a wide variety of in-person free music lessons for inner city youth in Phoenix. Started by a German immigrant named Rosie Schurz who sought to create a safe haven for youth to express their creativity, Rosie's House has been providing free, high-quality music education for more than 25 years!

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Harmony Project Phoenix provides children from low-income communities with free access to quality music education and offers various mentoring programs that help them become productive and responsible citizens. Harmony Project also organizes orchestras, bands, and choirs to promote social inclusion among our students.

Online Music Lesson Resources

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Do Re Mi Project provides free online music support for elementary and middle school students who may not have transportation to a lesson, may not be able to afford a lesson, or would like to try out tutoring before committing to a private teacher. 

Self-Taught Music Resources for Teens and Adults

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