Outreach Events

We are currently seeking volunteers for music-based community programs that will take place in the greater Phoenix area. Upcoming events in March include our Children's Days of Music. Sign up HERE to Volunteer. 

Music Kits

Sharing the gift of music! We collect small rhythm instruments to share with new refugee families, so that they can share the joy of music together. We often need help gathering donations and putting together the kits. ​Our Amazon Wish list can be found HERE if you'd like to donate. 

Music Lessons

​We are always looking for ways to musically and culturally connect newly arriving refugee families with their Phoenix area neighbors. This year, we've recruited teen musicians to teach music lessons to new refugees to help them succeed in their band/music classes.

Benefit Concert

​One of our goals is to host a benefit concert featuring local teen musicians and refugee musicians to raise money for organizations like The Welcome to America Project. If you are a 

musician and would be interested

in playing at the concert, please contact Riley at heartbeatsaz@gmail.com. 


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"Music is the universal language of mankind."

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow