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Our Team


Krish Desai
Co-Program Director

Krish Desai is a 17-year-old junior at Paradise Valley High School. With a passion for preserving and sharing global music, Krish is an accomplished tabla player, weaving ancient rhythms that honor his Indian heritage. Alongside his dedication to music, he serves as a valuable member of the tennis team and a leader in HOSA. Beyond his talents, Krish is deeply committed to community engagement. Through volunteering with refugees, offering guided museum tours, and contributing to influential councils, he is already creating a lasting impact. Krish's unique ability to bridge traditions is poised to enrich the lives of Arizona's youth and beyond, fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures and their rich histories.


Eva Luz Pombo
Co-Program Director

Eva Luz Pombo is a sophomore at Arizona School for the Arts. She has a deep love for music and is actively involved in orchestra and choir in and outside of school. As a person with grandparents who immigrated to the US, Eva is excited to honor her history by giving back to the refugee community through music. She believes music is the universal language of connection, and she loves to share and learn from the people HeartBEATS serves. Eva also has a passion for service. She has volunteered as a teacher's aid tutoring immigrant children in math and English. Currently, she volunteers at Hospice of The Valley and hopes to participate in their Teens in Nursing program this year. In addition to service and music, Eva has a love for science, and one day plans to pursue neurology as a career.

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Lyla Urban
Co-Program Director

Lyla is currently a junior at Arizona School for the Arts. She has been playing the piano for 9 years and the violin for 3. Additionally, she is very passionate about choir, having been involved for the past 7 years. Alongside her musical pursuits, Lyla is an active member of her school’s Ambassadors and Mentors program, Mock Trial, and Social Media Club. In her free time, Lyla enjoys watching movies, making macarons, and spending time with her cat, Oreo.

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Tejas Khurana 

Volunteer Music Teacher

Tejas Khurana is a sophomore at Brophy College Preparatory and has been playing the piano for 7 years. Aside from teaching lessons, he participates in his school's Speech and Debate team and Modern Medicine Club. He also volunteers at the St. Vincent De Paul homeless shelter and for the Hospice of the Valley. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, playing video games, watching sports on TV, and playing with his dog, Mochi.


Riley Novak
Founder and Executive Director

Riley currently attends Washington University in St. Louis as a sophomore where she is double majoring in Global Studies and Spanish and playing the French Horn. She is actively involved as a tutor and mentor with the refugee community in St. Louis. This year, she has plans to expand HeartBEATS by opening a second chapter in St. Louis. Her future plans are to attend law school and become an immigration lawyer. To learn more about the founding of HeartBEATS, visit the Our Story page. 


Madeline Park
Former Head of HeartBEATS-Phoenix

Madeline “Maddie” Park is currently a senior at Arizona School for the Arts. She has been taking piano and voice lessons for more than 11 years. She previously lived in Seattle, Washington where she volunteered at a homeless shelter for families called Mary’s Place. There, she became the youngest volunteer to reach 150 hours of service and founded and ran her program, Let Them Sing. Let Them Sing was a program in Mary’s Place that allowed homeless children to express themselves through music, easing their stress and fostering community during a difficult time in their lives. In her free time she loves playing with her dog, playing guitar or ukulele, and cooking.

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