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12/28/20- Sesame Street for Refugees

Today I want to share with you exciting news- Sesame Street debuted two new muppets, Aziz and Noor, who are both Rohingya refugees. Myanmar has been carrying out ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims over the past several years, forcing thousands of families to flee to neighboring countries like Bangladesh, which is where Aziz and Noor are located in the show. Sesame Street wanted to recognize the children who are currently residing in refugee camps and provide them visibility that they almost never get in children's TV shows as well as recognize the vibrant culture of Rohingya Muslims. One of the most important aspects of these new puppets is that they will be brought to Rohingyan children in refugee camps through educational media provided by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and BRAC, a charity located in Bangladesh. Aziz and Noor will help these children continue to learn and grow while having the representation in the media that they deserve.

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