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8/5/20- Powerful Podcasts

I can't wait to share today's article because it provides access to a wonderful source of stories that I think you will enjoy listening to. At the University of New Haven, two students have launched "Moving Music," a podcast that focuses on the lives of refugee musicians and how that influences their lives and their art.

Through this podcast, they are able to showcase New Haven's thriving, artistic residents who arrived as refugees and highlight their journey to the United States. Joey Stanca ('20), one of the students who participated, said that it was a "meaningful way to connect with the community," and all of the university students that participated said they walked away with a better understanding of what it means to be a refugee in the United States.

It is very apparent through this article that this podcast not only had a profound impact on the students who helped produce it, but also provided an education for both the participants and people of New Haven. HeartBEATS has been considering starting an article series featuring some of our "Music Feeds the Soul" refugee musicians, and this podcast is an excellent reason why that could be great idea for the Phoenix community and beyond. Learning these stories would add depth and context to the performances of our musicians, and I think that it would be a great way to teach our neighbors about the refugee families in the area.

Tune in to both of "Moving Music"'s podcast episodes because they feature incredible stories and clips of performances by refugees in New Haven. Stay tuned for their upcoming episodes as well!



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