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10/26/19-A Very Musical Delivery!

Updated: Jul 31

I was able to participate in another Welcome to America Project Delivery this weekend! We visited three families: one from Myanmar and two from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The family from Myanmar had four kids, two of which were very young boys. They both sat on the couch for a majority of the delivery, just holding the toy cars they had and watching everyone bring furniture and other items in. I noticed they weren't playing with the cars, so I brought the handheld jingle bells and jingle bell bracelet over to them. The youngest boy's face lit up, and he reached eagerly towards the bracelet, sliding it on to his wrist. The older boy took the handheld jingle bells and shook them back and forth in his brother's face, exclaiming about the sound it was making. For the rest of the delivery, they were jingling the bells, mimicking the movements when I and other volunteers showed them how to shake it in different ways. The other family that I delivered a music kit to was from the DRC, and they had four children as well, both boys and girls, between the ages of 6 and 12. One of the girls who was maybe 8, watched me pull out all of the school supplies and stuffed animals (from the WTAP) as well as the toy musical instruments from my kit. She loved the handheld jingle bells as well and carried it around the house with her, juggling two dolls and the instruments. After parading around her new toys, she stayed in room, trying out each of the instruments with her siblings. All of the volunteers and I were so happy to see the kids loving the instruments, and we were able to get more people from the Phoenix community involved in my program. I am looking forward to another delivery soon!


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