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12/2/19-Sesame Street Teams Up with the IRC for Refugee Awareness

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This week I wanted to share a segment from 60 minutes about the Sesame Workshop (from Sesame Street) and the International Rescue Committee teaming up to create a program for the refugees in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. The minds behind Sesame Street are working to create a show for the refugees in the camp that won't necessarily focus on math or writing, but rather on what it means to be a refugee. The other aspect of the program is to bring activities and games directly to the children in the camps, bringing them together with the others and providing a place for them to be kids. What I loved so much about this clip is that they focused on one specific episode where the puppet's favorite childhood toy, a drum, is not with him anymore because he had to flee. His friend, feeling upset for him, makes him one as a gift. Music is so prevalent in the lives of these refugees especially if they were forced to leave their instruments behind, just like the main character in the Sesame Street show. Sesame Street also conveys its message through song, and the people heading the project stated that their goal was to relieve the trauma and stresses of the young children. What better way to do it through music? That is exactly what HeartBEATS hopes to do here in Arizona as well: bringing together people and making sure our new neighbors feel welcomed and happy here in the United States.

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