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9/14/19-Reaching out with Rhythm

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

This weekend, I went to the WTAP's Welcome Wave with my backpack of instruments (a small keyboard, a drum, clavas, tambourines, handbells, and more) and set out to play with the children for my outreach event. I helped set up and organize the clothes until 8:00am, and then saw kids playing with chalk and other toys. I was hesitant at first when laying out the blanket and instruments because I didn’t know if anyone would want to come or even stay, but immediately, kids started trickling over. A girl who was around 10 started playing the drum, and it was clear that she knew her rhythms really well. She got a beat going and the other kids started shaking their handbells and dancing to what she was playing. They were all singing and dancing, and that was the moment it felt like everyone connected and we were one big band. Eventually she had to go, but the other kids all stayed, continued to play music, and explore the instruments. One boy in particular loved the piano and took it over to his mom and her friends, set it down, and pretended to dramatically play chords, making everyone around him laugh. I had such a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to another event soon!

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