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Shine-A-Light: Buffalo String Works

Updated: Aug 25

Buffalo String Works is an orchestra located in upstate New York that is dedicated to "fostering vibrant, inclusive communities through the transformative power of music." Led by talented local musicians, they have been changing lives since 2014 and now provide music lessons to more than 70 students. BSW hosts several concerts throughout the year which connects them with the greater Buffalo community and raises awareness of the thriving immigrant and refugee population there.

Looking to foster friendships in as many ways as possible, BSW launched "The Bridge" in 2018 which is a series of performances by professional artists. For each concert, they include programming that honors the cultures of Buffalo's immigrant and refugee community. All "The Bridge" events are free and located throughout the area, making it accessible to anyone interested.

When I learned about the BSW, I was so surprised that I hadn't heard of them before; I have family in Buffalo and visit nearly every summer. It's inspiring to know that in every part of the country, there are people connecting hearts through the arts and using music as a tool for greater social change.

Learn more about BSW here:


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