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Shine-A-Light: My Area Vibe

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Today, HeartBEATS wants to feature My Area Vibe, a radio station based out of Arizona that is dedicated to sharing information with and about the Afro-Caribbean community in Arizona and worldwide. Their target audience is students between the ages of 18-35 who are living in Arizona but arrived from the Caribbean or Africa.

My Area Vibe helps to spread the word about various events going on in the Phoenix community that may be relevant to refugees and immigrants. For newly arrived families looking to connect with others who have had similar experiences, cultural events are the perfect place to form friendships. They can provide a sense of community and make the adjustment to a new life much easier. My Area Vibe actively alerts listeners to those events and other important services for refugees in specific. In addition to sharing information, My Area Vibe plays music by Afro-Caribbean artists. Art is such an important part of many cultures, so sharing music that immigrants or refugees may already be familiar with is a great way to bring joy.

AJ Irakoze is the DJ for My Area Vibe, and he is very passionate about his role there. In addition to sharing information and playing music, he interviews local refugee organization directors and volunteers making a difference in the refugee community. If you would like to learn more about My Area Vibe, you can visit their website at Be sure to tune in to their radio when you get then chance!

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