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Shine-A-Light on "Change Yer Tune"

For our 2020/2021 year, HeartBEATS is focusing on bringing together our community through a shared, musical education. For volunteer and refugee teens, we are connecting them in virtual music lessons, a perfect way to forge friendships in these times. For the rest of our volunteers and supporters, we are connecting them with the refugee community through the sharing of resources such as articles, books, and podcasts that will help to educate them on the power of music for refugees and others. One aspect of the education will be Shine-A-Light, a series of blog posts featuring other organizations across the world focused on bringing communities together through music and the arts.

Today we want to feature Change Yer Tune, a music program that was recently launched in Scotland. They aim to "bring together carers, refugees and other youngsters to develop skills, boost confidence and break down barriers" through music. Their efforts are not limited to refugees, as they are also looking to work with students of lower socioeconomic standing and students who must spend a significant part of their day watching over their family ("carers"). Change Yer Tune has recognized the need for music in their community and the ability music has to relieve stress and improve attitudes.

One interesting aspect is that Change Yer Tune is being run jointly by three different non-profits. This highlights how important it is foster relationships with the local organizations and how beneficial it can be when developing new projects or programming. Without the support of the WTAP or Lutheran Social Services or the IRC, HeartBEATS would not have been able to launch several of our events. Joint partnerships help us all reach more people in the refugee community. Non-profit organizations are like individual players of a band or orchestra…stronger together than we are individually.

You can learn more about Change Yer Tune here:

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