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Shine-A-Light: the Pangean Orchestra

If you are familiar with HeartBEATS, The Pangean Orchestra should be a name you know well! Featured in our benefit concert, Music Feeds the Soul, these musicians from across the world are dedicated to being powerful cultural ambassadors united through the power of music.

The Pangean Orchestra was founded by World Maestro Colin O'Donohoe, who was also featured individually in Music Feeds the Soul. He had a vision to bring together "an unparalleled group of musicians that would culminate in a performance [blending] music, dance, and culture." Since that initial performance in Phoenix, the Pangean Orchestra has performed several times in Arizona and New York City. Right now, Colin is working to assemble the Pangean Orchestra in Istanbul, Turkey, where he already knows several musicians from previous visits.

It was clear from the first time I saw The Pangean Orchestra's performance that they are dedicated to spreading the joy of music and promoting a cross-cultural education. At every rehearsal and performance, they provide an opportunity for refugee, immigrant, and local musicians alike to come together and share their own unique talent.

You can learn more about the Pangean Orchestra here!

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